PGPdisk freezes computer if 20mb+ files are copied?!?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Xadious, Jun 13, 2004.

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    I'm having problems with PGPdisk ever since i replaced my motherboard and did a repair install of windows xp. I use PGP 8.0.3.

    When i copy a PGPdisk container (i think thats what they're called?) - i can access (as in read) the files with in the container without any problems. I can also copy any sized file to some other unencrypted parts of my hard drive. However, the problem starts when i try to copy large files into a container. If i try to copy a file that is less that 20mb, it works without any problems - however, if i try to copy a file into a container that is more than 20mb in size, then my computer freezes.

    Today, i've been testing the software, and i found that before the everthing freezes theres a slight hang in the "copying files" popup thing, if i quickly press cancel and go to the PGP icon and select "unmount all disks" (i can press cancel so that they are not unmounted), then the computer does not freeze, but still works. If however i do not cancel or i do not do the "unmounting" thing, then it freezes, and i have to do a hard restart.

    I've done a repair install of PGP - i've even uninstalled PGP completely and installed it again. Still have the same problem. I've also done the same with Norton Antivirus 2004 - but that didn't help.

    Why am i experiencing this problem? I never experienced this before my PC troubles. How can i fix it so that iu can copy files into a pgpdisk with any problems?

    Anyone know? I've run out of ideas as to whats causing this problem. It only happens when i copy files INTO a PGPDisk.


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