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    I've got about 2 months to go before worlds in June. I want to do it, despite my destruction at pan ams. But this time i'll be back wiser and hopefully with some better cardio :eek3:.

    Anyways, I took this week real easy cause of school + personal stuff. Hoping to go in the academy at least 4 times next week. Tomorrow is weight lifting, no plan for now. I usually just go in and try and maintain what strength I have ie pullups, dips, squat, back, some benching. I'm thinking of just forgetting the gym altogether and concentrating on cardio. i figure the strength will come from just doing jits?:greddy:

    I also started muay thai last week at the same academy, I've only been to 3 classes. It's fun, but i realized I don't much like being hit in the face compared to grappling. I think i'm going to stick with it, but I'm not planning on anything more than that ie competition.

    So my schedule that i'm going to try and stick to is:
    M: Train at 11:30 am til 1, maybe practice again later at night at 6:30
    T: Muay thai 5:30, bjj 6 30 - 8 or 9, pos. take this day off i'm tired
    W: off
    TH: MT 5:30, BJJ 6:30-8
    F: 5:30 - 9 Judo, stretching, then bjj, then free rolling. long night
    Sat: 10:30, MT, 11:30 till 1 BJJ. pos. stay after and free roll

    So there's my schedule, obviously it changes week to week depending on how much school work i have. I've got about a month and a half off this summer before i start work, so i'm planning on spending several hours at the academy everyday. Unlimited plan ftw.

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