GUN Philly/Allentown: Center Axis Relock open enrollment.

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    This is the training I've been raving about. The class is being offered March 29th/30th. It is just south of Allentown, PA. If you're in the area, I highly recommend the training. Course schedule Course registration

    The only thing you need to attend, aside from the equipment, is a CCW permit.

    CENTER AXIS RE-LOCK/IPD Handgun(two days)

    This system is a new and powerful concept in firearms training. The C.A.R. system has been developed over a long period of time by Paul Castle. Born from a true understanding of how our bodies work during combat crisis. The system was developed for true close quarter combat, and not a rehash of old techniques. The system offers the Operator a higher level of Weapon Retention, than existing techniques to date. The concept allows the Operator to achieve high degrees of movement, speed, and an enhanced Shooting Platform, giving additional speed and accuracy on demand during a Crisis. These techniques are adaptable, in that the Operator may adopt either Small Arms or Long Guns as the primary weapon. For more information on the Center Axis Re-lock shooting technique please visit Paul's web-site at

    Areas covered:
    • The six “Rs” of combat
    • The four “key” presentation positions
    • The CAR combat matrix
    • Principals of stability
    • Target acquisition and the target “T”
    • Identifiying your focal point and the C.A.R sighting theory
    • Superior retention aspects of C.A.R
    • Use of force-full hand fighting

    For those wishing to attend it is imperative to note that you must be in excellent physical shape. This cannot be over emphasized. There is a large amount of information to cover in three days, so come prepared for physical exertion.

    2008 price $300.00

    • 750-1000 rounds of factory ammunition (no re-loads!)
    • A serviceable/reliable semi-automatic pistol (no revolvers, sorry; Also, this is not the time to break in your brand new beauty. Vet it ahead of time)
    • 3-5 spare magazines( 1911 users-5 should be minimum)
    • A high quality strong side, OWB, vertical type holster (no cross draws, sorry. Also, quality can not over emphasize. People tend to spend large amounts of money on their pistols, but buy $20.00 bargain bin holsters. Don’t do it)
    • Sturdy gun belt( 1 ½’’ to 2’’ is optimum)
    • Magazine pouch(double’s work best for the range)
    • Rain gear(we shoot rain or shine)
    • bug spray
    • sun block
    • Knee and elbow pads(suggested, not mandatory)
    • hat with brim
    • Clothing suitable for the weather (come prepared!)
    • Water and a delivery system
    • Bring a lunch
    • Eye and ear protection
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    It's good to see someone else recommending training.
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    I figure this is not only the opportunity to get people being the trigger of their guns, but more importantly--

    It is an opportunity for me to go beyond simply saying 'my kung fu is better than your kung fu'. I believe in this system. Now, people can experience what it is I think is so effective.

    They'll see what the difference is between standing on an X shooting one round after another vs. what it would take to actually defend yourself.

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