FRK Photo shoots/Webcam shows (questions/ideas for starting a site.)

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Biomechanoid, Aug 17, 2004.

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    my GF and I were tossing around ideas on how to get some extra income (we're roomming together now), and the subject of ifriends came up. Her old roommate (TS) used to pull in about $500 a week through their services. I was discussing the idea of trying this on my own with a friend of mine who knows about my alter-ego Krystal (my femme self for when I Dress), and she told me about her friend who does web-hosting for adult sites. From what I've gathered, some of the hotter sites generate as much as $20k a month :eek3:, but that I should expect at LEAST $2k a month from an amatuer start-up site after about 6 months of advertizing.

    I figured people in the FS area would know more about this than other areas of OT (plus, I'm not all that comfortable talking about my sexuality/gender expression on the main forum outside of using it to troll). I'm more or less curious as to what I'd need to get started- kinda like an equipment/content list.

    first and foremost, I'd need to have regularly updated content. like say once a week, come up with a new photoshoot- We'd be playing to the fetish market, and I know from 1st hand experience and from talking to people in the same market that customers are VERY loyal if you can keep your site updated. I was thinking solo shoots of my and my GF, also some Domme/ sub shoots (maybe some forced femme), along with hiring some of our Transgendered friends to help us out by modeling for the site.

    Webhosting I suppose we could expand as needed, and Teresa's friend is supposed to e-mail me with average bandwidth usage and some bandwidth for specific sites that would be similar to the one I'm trying to run. Also we'd need to hire a professional website designer too.

    My biggest worry (outside of equipment) would be advertizing, as I have a feeling that that is probably even more important than content. I have no idea on how to go about doing that, or what the best methods are for advertizing.

    as far as equipment goes, Kat is a whiz with photochop, so we could do our own touchups, but I'm not sure what kind of digital camera setup we'd need, nor what other equipment (lighting, tripod, video camera, etc.) that we'd NEED to get started. :dunno:

    oh, and once this shiz gets rolling (we're serious about it and hoping to have SOMETHING up by the end of september), We're definately giving out a free invite for OT to test things out ;)
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    This may be a touch on the long side...

    I'll comment on this, as this is within my field of expertise. Although I may not have the answers you are looking for, perhaps I can help you avoid the pitfalls (I have no experience in these types of sites, but I can help lend ideas from more mainstream digital businesses and what they do to ensure success).

    Advertising and marketing - this is perhaps the most important thing for you to concentrate on at this point. Far too many times have I seen wonderful business plans put together on exuberance and money, without a notion as how to ensure a decent ROI (Return On Investment, for those who are wondering).

    Things you should avoid:

    + Paying for Search Engine Visibility/Search Engine Marketing. This particular service field is inundated with an overuse of sexually descriptive words, making it quite difficult (if not impossible) that you would be found on the search engines at all (me feeling is that this money could be better spent elsewhere);

    + Putting a non-descript ad in a newspaper; if you're going to put an ad, make sure that there is a call to action of some sort (answers the question in the viewer's mind "What's in It For Me" or the WIFM principle - talk about new shows, contests, prizes, etc., give 'em a compelling reason to type in the web site address). Look at the ads that are currently running, note how unimaginative they are, and improve on them (be prepared to test several ads, a truism in marketing is that you test, test, test - and then test some more, to see which ad does best);

    + If you do advertise in print, make sure that you target a specific community (I know, it's an obvious one, but you'd be surprised how many people seem to think that spending the big bucks for the local paper is gonna produce more results);

    + Said ads should not be the same ads, week in, week out. Have several ads that will be rotated throughout the ad campaign (seeing the same ad over and over again will just ensure that people 'tone' the ad out);

    + Use bullet points in your ads - easier to read;

    + If you have the contacts, the bar scene is a great avenue to promote some co-branding i.e. you're able to give out flyers to its patrons, and in return, their bar is advertised on your site via a banner, 'skyscraper' ad, button, etc. (the more creative ads will have those viewers do something that benefits them at that bar i.e. they can print off a coupon saving them $5 at that same bar - lousy idea, possibly, but I'm trying to stimulate thought here).

    Sorry if it doesn't give you specifics, but I'm hoping you can take the above as a foundation for your business.

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
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    Link to your GF's old roomies site?:hs:
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    We've thought about doing the same thing. I even started to jump through the hoops on ifriends to become a host, but lost the motivation.

    I think there is a big shortage of truly unique fetish/erotic sites. Most of them just have the same ol pr0n feeling. I think that when you get down to a personal level, its much more exciting, and agree that you'd prolly get a good base of loyal customers if you got enough exposure, updated regularly, and brought in friends to spice things up now and then.

    I wish I had some insight for you on the biz aspect... but I've never gone past the "fuck this 9-5 bullshit, I should start a fetish site" phase. Im still stuck behind this wretched desk. You should do it man!! ;)

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