Photos: MINIs Motoring on Pacific Raceways - Track day

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by abcdefg, Aug 17, 2004.

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    maybe i missed it, but not one old mini? :hs:
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    Nah, no old Minis. Northwest MINI set this up 80% as a new owner type of thing hence only MINIs... they don't really sell the old Minis (except the one or maybe two that are really showroom candy that are listed way over what I feel they are worth...).

    I didn't even buy my MINI through Northwest MINI (i bought it in Ohio when I was living there...) and still got the invite through a local club list and got the reduced rate and such and the dealer sponsored lunch - so they were nice about it. I'm sure if anyone with an old Mini was on the new MINI mailing list the dealer (and the school for that matter) would have been thrilled to see it out there. Next time hopefully!

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    behind the Orange curtain
    Northwest rocks. They used to service my M3 when I lived in Tacoma and I was always very happy with the workmanship and customer service.

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