photoshop help with halloween party fliers.....

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ~edr~, Oct 7, 2004.

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    ok, im making party fliers for my friend's halloween party... im making them on letter sized paper, then ill go to kinkos and print them out 4 to a letter page....

    ANYWAY, i need to know how to add simple black and white pictures? like little stuff like black cats, or a witch, or a jackolantern, etc... just to make it more festive. any help? where would i find pics like that to use? how do i import them on to my document?

    also, is there any place i can download free fonts? i really don't have many on my new laptop.

    any help appreciated. thanks guys.
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    or you can try using a FONT.

    go to a free fonts website like and look for holiday type fonts and i'm sure they have a dingbat font with halloween images. best thing about fonts is that they are vector based so you can size them to any size and they keep thier integrity.

    you can try this one...

    to "import" and image all you do it cut it out and edit>copy then go to the new image and edit>paste

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