A&P Photoshop picture editting tips please . . .

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by ancientpc, Nov 17, 2002.

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    Here is the original:


    Here is my touch up:


    After playing around with the brightness / contrast and color levels I can't get it the left shot to blend in well with the 2nd shot. I've patched it up with the bandaid tool as much as possible, but it's pretty damn noticeable. :(

    Anybody have any tips on further smoothing out the transition from the 1st pic to the 2nd?
  2. vodomagoo

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    i would make the middle pic match the right one and then try to match the left pic, it seems like it is to much of a change for the left pic, once u do that save as one pic and adjust as u see fit
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    1. first thing would be to bring each "section" into its own layer. much easier to work with one, than all three at one time.
    2. i would recommend using adjustment layers... that way, you are not editing the actual image, but working on top of it.
    3. try all adjustments, levels, curves, brightness/contrast, and color balance. one wont do the trick, as you found out, but the right combination will. unfortunately, there is no easy formula for matching images, or else i could have saved myself a lot of typing.
    4. zoom in to use the rubber stamp/clone brush when blending the images together. that should help. copy and paste portions of one section onto the other and blend that... offer some variations.

    hope that helps...

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