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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Woodmaster, Aug 24, 2003.

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    Well I created an application and I set it up to create a cookie as you login right. Anywho, for some time now it's rejecting the request to make a cookie in IE. I can't figure it out. It works in netscape but somethin about IE. I have tried everything, I even put it on one of those settings to allow the domain by all means and all that. My last thing was to try and reinstall IE but It appears since I have xp pro that I cannot uninstall IE6 or somethin, only install over it. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks alot.
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    :bigthumb: Two thumbs up for getting a second opinion in a different browser other than IE.

    If the page is public, it might be easier to post a link so we can look at it.

    IE is a PITA when it comes to troubleshooting cookies. My first thought is it could be as simple as not being logged into the machine (which I doubt since its XP). The second thought was its an IE security setting issue. After that, are you manually specifying the domain in the cookie? And does the domain match up with the one IE is using? Example:

    For web dev, sometimes the site's domain is not setup so I access it like: http://123.456.789.123/~[username]/

    If you're domain is not specified in the cookie properly, its possible IE is choking on it. You didn't provide enough details to know if this is the case or not.

    This sounds completely stupid, but you have enough drive space?

    Um. You clear the cache, exit the browser, then go back in and try the page again? I find IE loves to hold onto its cache, although this shouldn't directly effect cookies. Although it might effect the page that you're expecting to see the cookie results on.

    Taking a look at IE's cookie directory might yield some clues.

    Are you trying to set a persistent or a session cookie?
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    also, i remember someone had an issue like this.. they had setup the cookie only on "" instead of "", so the cookie didn't work if you went to w/o the "www" :eek3:

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