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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by mandilou, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. mandilou

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    Hi folks-

    I am trying to install php, and since I am a total n00b at this, I have a question. When I upload the phpBB folder from my computer to my site via FTP, which folder in FTP do I put the phpBB folder in? I have it in "httpdocs" currently, but that obviously didn't work.

  2. Rob

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    PHP should go in the same place as the regular HTML, not in a cgi-bin like perl and such.

    Is php supported on the server?
  3. mandilou

    mandilou Guest

    Yup, and so is mySQL, so I should be okay on that front.

    I downloaded everything into httpdocs, and then went to the website to set it up, and it didn't work. So I then made another folder in httpdocs entitled "forum", and that didn't make the website work either. :wtc:

    Thanks for the assistance, btw. :hs:
  4. crotchfruit

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    can you see other files in the "httpdocs" directory? for example, index.html?

    which server are you running, apache? if so, make sure that index.php is a default directory listing. search your .conf file for "index.html index.cgi" and add index.php to the end.
  5. Astro

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    Have you verified that you are able to run any PHP script on that server (and directory)? A simple quick one you can try: <? phpinfo()?> <-- put that in its own file (like phpinfo.php) and then put it in the directory you are trying to run your forum from. Does it display php info? If not, you have server config or directory issues. If it does, then you have phpBB issues.
  6. mandilou

    mandilou Guest

    Everything else in the httpdocs directory is viewable and works just fine on my website, including my index.html file, and my other pages.

    Not using Apache. Thanks for the info, though.

    Astro, you're way ahead of me, buddy. I don't even know how to create a .php file.

    I shoulda just stuck with ezboard, this being my first BB venture and all.

    P.S. According to phpBB's installation instructions, I am supposed to create a System DSN pointing to the location of the Access database before I install, which I did. But I anticipate more traffic than it's prescribed "1 or 2 people at a time". Is that where mySQL comes in? I DO know my host supports that, at least.
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  7. mandilou

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    DOH! Here's a big :slap: to phpBB's tutorial... they had me looking for the completely WRONG url to get everything set-up.

    Found the correct path for finding the URL on another site.

    Thanks for the help folks, maybe I'm not as dumb as I look. ;)

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