🤙 Dick was moist as fuck 🤙
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Feb 13, 2020
Blue Ridge Mountains
What should I order today @mollywhop ?

Seaweed salad, blistered Shishito peppers, short rib potstickers and the garlic potstickers to start out

Tenderloin and black cod for an entree even though I guess this is supposed to be small plates concept

Gochujang Cauliflower, Brussels, and scallion potatoes on the side

And then I guess whatever the rest of the people you’re with want to order for their own food


I love you baby Kaitlyn and Dad
Dec 26, 2001
many years ago I had something similar where only parts of the house had power and all the breakers were fine

turned out to be one of the feeds from the city into the house was bad - utility company came out and fixed it
happens all the time when one phase drops leaving only half the breakers with available power
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Don't mind me.
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Oct 5, 2004
If you do end up liking it and plan to reorder, never pay full price. There's always a coupon code for at least 10% off that can be found on Google.
So far everything hits. Pineapple pancakes were fluffy and good. Teriyaki Loin was outstanding. The firecracker chicken was badass too. Will definitely try more.
Pain isn't real, it's only something weak-minded people feel.

Just kidding - @obscure/renegade is absolutely correct. I'll always push 100% every workout... however, sometimes I have a little issue here or there I have to work around, but I find that workaround and do it 100%. The goal is to always find what you CAN do. 9 times out of 10 what you can do will only help what you're working around and get you back to normal shit sooner.
Spittin' truth
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layin in bed stretchin my pumped quads for hours
Nov 26, 2004
You guys still lifting or are you the old dudes hangin out in the locker room with your balls floppin around?

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