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    I could have sworn i posted this in here, but it turned up in the Off-Topic forum.

    I've been developing this website (www.picaddict.com) off and on for awhile. I finally finished up the design documents and i plan on starting the design and programming this weekend. I can't devolge to much information about it, however, i will basically state that the sites basically like FacetheJury and all of those hundreds of picture rating websites. However, this one has alot of features that im pretty positive no picture rating site has and once you read through the DDOC's , im sure you will also see that this will grow to be one of the most popular websites in its genre.

    Reason for post: I havnt decided yet if im going to try and get help with this so i can get it released sooner, or if i am just going to tackle the motherload on my own.

    If you are interested in helping, and are skilled in the following, then leave a message here indicating what your good at, links to work (if applicable) and what you would want for your help, if anything. Some may want profits made from the site, some may want $$ up front, some may do it for recognition they would get with developing a large website, and some may want nothing except for it to be on their portfolio.

    - PHP
    - MySQL
    - Javascript, J2EE, and all of the java related languages
    - flash
    - graphic design

    Little information about me:

    - Sr.Design Technologist (programmer, server admin, graphic designer, database admin, etc) for a successful marketing firm in San Antonio, TX ( http://www.ideawire.com ).

    - Runs own marketing business on the side, has served clients such as several Honda dealerships, Discovery Channel, Target, NittoTire, Superchips, American Airlines, and more.

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