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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Valence, Jul 30, 2006.

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    For about $ 189. I know their being phased out in favor of the 30 gb. I couldn't find them at either circuit city or best buy, as they have them for online ordering only. I went to wal - mart and settled on the the micro 8 gb by creative. I reached down to pull one out of the locked case to compare it to the phillips, when i noticed the one I grabbed was the exact one I couldn't find anywhere.

    here it is :


    Thoughts and opinions:
    It is a little bulky, but I don't mind so much. I'd rather bulky and have 20 gb than small and not enough space. For it's price, it's a great deal.

    Included ear buds: The suck. Replace immediately.

    Screen: Great. Haven't loaded photos as yet but menus are easy to navigate, and scroll pad works fine for me (though I did need to put it on Low sensitivity)

    Battery life: Listed to it five hours yesterday while working. I don't think the battery life indicator is all that accurate, but I'll see.

    Voice recorder: Works reasonably well for an integrated microphone. I wish there was a line in for external mic.

    Fm radio: I don't like how it works. There isn't a manual way (that I know of) to set a radio station. You have to do the auto scan, and it will automatically program any radio station it get's into a preset. Then you'd have to delete the presets set to stations you don't like. Furthermore, It doesn't get great reception. Well, it does sort of, but it's almost like it has a threshold of signal, a gain setting, and its' set to only tune in the most powerful signals. I did like the signal strength indicator though.

    Connections: I don't like the data connector at the bottom. I wish they'd make a standard usb cable port.

    Software: Software's pretty good. I have a creative x-fi extreme music in my home machine, and a logitech 5.1 surround sound setup. I'm a little dissapointed going from that, to the zen, but what can you really expect?

    Sound quality overall: I guess average. I don't have a pair of high end headphones to test so I can't say for sure. The built in equalizer settings don't do much for me.

    Accesories: I'm thoroughly dissapointed in the extreme lack of accesories for the Creative Zen Sleek Photo. I did notice however that if you don't own an Ipod, chances are, the accessories are non-existant. There's no car dock, no case, nothing. I can get a generic fm transmitter, but I don't want that. So, I'm reconsidering. I have three options here:
    Join the IPOD bandwagon. :riaa:

    Get the microphoto 8 gb (same price) :sad2: I lose out on a lot of space. Battery is easily swapped in this model.

    Get a Neuros for fifty bucks more:
    It was an innovator back in it's day. This model has 80 gb storage, uses a standard laptop hard drive (which you can change) Has built in fm transmitter, line in for external mic (records straight to mp3)
    Cons, it's a brick. It has no color screen, but it's more compared to a tank.

    So I'm still debating on what I want to do.

    Or I can just keep what I have and find ways to work around the car issue.

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