Pics from the first Oregon rallycross of the year

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by ae86andkp61, May 19, 2003.

  1. ae86andkp61

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    We had four AE86's there!

    Subaru stuff:

    Very impressive SWB Audi....sort of like a homemade S1 EV2 or something:

    AWD Supercharged Civic I crew for

    There may be more to come if I ever get them uploaded.
  2. Guido The Penguin

    Guido The Penguin Hi, I'm here for the gang bang.

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    p'cola, FL
  3. autoracer1

    autoracer1 Rallyx postponed :wtc: Next one May 10.

    Apr 3, 2002
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    :cool: :cool:

    Rally club up here has been focused on TSD and stage rallies too much, 2 rallyx cancelled all ready :wtc:

    And oregon is just too damn far to take the topaz. A rock and a hard place, im missing rallyx sooo much. :( Especially with my new ALMOST gravel tires, ownage yet not getting mauled in group 2 :cool:
  4. Buck-O

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    Where did you get that car from?!
    If it came from So-Cal...theres a 98% chance that I BUILT IT!
    That was a project a friend of mine and i did back in 99, after my integra. Taking a Civic Wagon driveline, a JDM ZC, and a jackson racing SC, and slapping it into an EF hatch. Thw whole idea behind it, being a Rally-X car!

    Holyshit, i never thought id see a car like that again.

    Anyway, just had to share that...oh and one other thing.

    [sarcasim]Dont hear that pace note to late, dont miss that cliff, dont let compresser surge sneak up on you.[/sarcasim]
  5. ae86andkp61

    ae86andkp61 Guest

    First off, the car is pure Oregon, baby. Built right here from a used Civic hatch and junkyard wagon driveline. It stayed in this form for a couple of years, mostly in mothballs, but it did make a few club events up here without much sucess. Last year we installed the SC, then swapped in the ZC with supercharger, then installed DMS suspension, and continual refinements and tweaks. How much trouble did you have with the AWD conversion, because it took us a lot of hacking/fabbing...and now every 18-year-old comes running up at events asking about it. :rofl: The story is the same every time, "I read about the AWD swap on the internet and I am going to do it to my hatch/CRX as soon as I get the money....I hear it is bolt-in, right?

    As for Jamie and the sarcasm, please don't get me started...I could write a book....:big grin: Let's just say that the original caption said, "Subiegal makes her, ahem, triumphant return to ORG rallycross events, and boy did we miss her! :ugh: Apparently she is now driving with 'wagon powa' or somesuch," but then I edited it...
  6. Buck-O

    Buck-O Guest

    No, it was not an easy swap...took some time to get the rear suspension done up right, switching fromt eh rear beam to the indipendant suspension. Eventually what we did was rework the cage in the car, and mounted the differential carrier and lower control arm brackets to teh cage. It REALLY stiffened up the rear end, and got rid of the dive problem we had in it. Plus it gave us all alot more confidence in the structural integrity of the rear end. Fortunatly the guy that was building the car owned a fab shop, so custom mounts for teh tranny and the rear suspension mounts where as simple as a quick CAD drawing.
    Originally we where running a 1st gen integra motor, and where going to swap to a B16 similar to like what we had done in my first gen integra...but...the problem with mounting it up to the tranny properly where going to be to much. And that was at the time that the B16's where starting to go up in price as well. So we opted for the ZC, And fabbed up a JRSC kit with a TMIC, and the car actually tuend into what we where shooting for. Since ilast worked on it, they had been messing with the ZC's internals with some shit from Endyn, and have got the motor up to about 190 (estimated) at the crank. The next step though is to move from the roots SC to a centrifugal unit from vortech. Them move to FMIC, and and hopfully to more boost with less heat soak, and less parasitic lag.

    HAHA! I see youve had your fair share of "run ins" with her too...pompus bitch. I almost made a T0Shirt for the DooWoops III-IV event...that said...

    Front: SubieGal Racing...
    Back: ...where we suck dick for free parts.

    But my SO wouldent let me. :rolleyes:

    BTW, incase you didnt hear, she had lost the car off a rather steap hill on the Brooklyn Tavern stage...backed the car right off the corner. Then she started saying that she didnt hear the pace note fast enough, then it was becuase of compressor surge, then she said she couldent see the edge of the corner and the cliff snuck up on her. It was any excuse except, "i dont know how to drive a turbo charged car with three times the HP and torque of my old car". It was so lame. And becuase no one was buying her excuse...and the fact that she was in :ahem: DEAD LAST, she didnt stick around for the awards ceramony.
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  7. ae86andkp61

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    Yes, I head all about the incident with the cliff. :rolleyes:

    There was a point in time where she was very interested in rally, but only involved in the volunteer/spectator/rallycross end of things. I was in the same boat at the same time, and we had a good conversations about getting more involved, about building club rally cars, about chasing your dreams and all that. We weren't good friends, but we got along well when we saw each other, and I found her energy and determination both amusing (in a good way) and admirable. As she became more and more self-important, I became more and more disgusted. Two events really capped it off in my mind: at Wild West I saw two guys leaning on the fender of their 2.5RS, which was adorned with stickers, bragging about how they practically knew her because they had conversed with her online...prolly on i-forums or something. :rolleyes: and the other was again at Wild West the following year. Cars were starting to get in place for Parc Expose, and it had just started raining. I was running from one of our service trucks to where the car was parked carrying two tires and some tools, crossing the narrow bridge at the ORV park, she had to wait for me before she could cross...I don't think she even recognized me, she just scowled at me with this "Don't you know who I am, how dare you step in my way, I have important Subaru publicity work to do!" look on her face. :rofl:

    Oh well, I generally avoid her these days.

    And yeah, bascially none of the back half of the floor of the original Civic hatch is original, and the tunnel we fabbed is still a tight fit for driveline and exhaust. We also shortened the rear suspension arms a bit. I was getting all excited about this year, but.....:wtc:
  8. Buck-O

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    HAHA! Thats halarious...actually, i remember you running across that bridge...i pointed with my GF and said..."you see, thats why it sucks to be the squatter on a pit crew". :rofl: What a small world.
    But i hear you, she wasnt that bad untill about 3 years ago, right before she wrecked her Legacy. And from there on out, she was just a complete attention whore. And expected everything to be handed to her on a silver platter. And with all the freebees and shit she got, it just makes me sick. The really funny part of the whole thing is that i know three of her ex-boyfriends personally, and they all tell the exact same story: suck you in, rub you up, rip you off, spit you out. I have no respect for her. And after having been in a car with her when she was driving, i have even less respect for her as a competitor.
    Anyway, i could write a novel on my hatred for this woman, so ill let it go.

    Back tothe civic.

    I know what you mean about the suspension arms...we hade the same type of issue, but solved it with the addition of out own rear diff carier on the roll cage. It gave us ALOT more flexability to mout things in the right geometry without having any binding, or clearance issues. We did reweld the driveshaft to make it a better fit, becuase it was a bit long for our diff placment. We had a driveline shop make it, and beefed it up to 2.25" so if it took a knock, it could survive mostly unscathed. The exaust problem was suolved by running it through the tunnel, and then once we got past the front floor pan, we built a heat shield int he back of the car, and ran the pipe through the hatch area , and then down out below the bumper. Which worked out well again, becuase it saved the exaust pipe in casr is ever cought somthing. Plus, if needs be, we could remove the heatsheild, and replace the 3 foot section of pipe with a resonator, or a cat...whichever local regulations required.

    It was one of my most fun projects...but was SUCH a pain in the ass. As you obviously already know. ;)
  9. ae86andkp61

    ae86andkp61 Guest

    Hahaha! That is funny...How can you be sure it was me and not some other pit crew flunky? :rofl:

    Hey, whatever it takes for me to stay involved within my budget! :o

    Actually, there was a lot of talk about my debut as a driver in 2003, but now that probably won't happen. It makes so much sense that if we have a crew, service trucks, tools, and trailer for the open class car.....what hassle is it to add a Group 2 vehicle? ;)

    I'm sure I must know you or know of you, but I know you have your reasons for keeping your ID here secret....Hehehe!
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    ATX/IT Threads
  11. Buck-O

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    Well, at the time i was glaring at Jamie, becuase i wanted to point her out to my SO (as this was here first introduction to rallying), and i distinctly remember a guy carrying a set of tires, one in each hand, with what looked like a large screwdriver, wrench, and a tire iron under his arms through the rain. So the law of averages being what it is...i gather it was probibly you. But, who knows. :dunno:

    As for my identity...well, i dont really have THAT much to hide. We've probibly crossed paths, but most of the Oregon rally people i dont know. But ive been waiting for the oportunity to meet up with yourself ,12xalt, and some of the other Oregon folks one of these days.
  12. I went on a cascade loop with the people from clubwrx, and she showed up in a 2.5rs I didnt talk to her, but she had her car stickerd up.

    Is she really that bad?
  13. anomaly

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    The Town
    So in checking out for the first time (side note. WHERE THE FUCK HAVE I BEEN?!?!) i expected her to be hot, hoe is busted.
  14. [​IMG]

    You can see her car right off my left side.
  15. remser

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    Subie gal still owes me parts. I wonder if any of you happened to be at the spectating point on Saturday of this past wild west? I enjoyed stepping out in front of her to flip her off. I hear later that a few instructions down the road, she went off. Oh darn.

    And what do you expect from a driver that's on her 5th co driver in less then 1 full season???

  16. Why is she through so many co drivers? She gets pissed when she loses? Blames it on them?
  17. mnewell

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    Damn. Holy thread resurrection! :eek3:
  18. Buck-O

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    Every major accident shes been in, its always because of "Pace note error".

    The first off she had with her Wagon at the DooWops with her seconed co-driver, was at first becuase she heard a pace note wrong in the route book, then the pacenote was late, then the co-driver was adjusting the light, and it distracted her peripheral vision, and caused her to miss seeing the gravel patch on the outside of the road.

    Not that she was unfamilier with driving a turbo charged car, was shortshifting, and was going into a turn at the end of a short straight, and when she lifted, and got back on the throttle through the corner, the boost bit her and over drove the car into the ditch, and her poor driving skills couldent save her.

    So, ever CO she has had, has been beat on becuase of her inability to drive. And they leave.

    But, theres always another sucker waiting to try and fuck her, so she wont quit any time soon.
  19. Buck-O

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    No shit.

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