Pics of mt Nissan

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by bowzer, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. bowzer

    bowzer Guest

    Pics of my Nissan

    Mods: Intake/Header/Catback Exhaust/Underdrive Pulley/Motor Mounts/Front Strut Bar/Rear Sway Bar/ 2.25" drop/17" rims

    Once i find a good tranny shop in NC: Hi-stall torque converter/Valve body upgrade/ Tranny cooler/shift kit

    No rice or stickers on this car:cool:
  2. SpecV_Jim

    SpecV_Jim Guest

    Nice.............really nice
  3. bowzer

    bowzer Guest

    thanx for the replies, it's still a work in progress though
  4. Red97GST

    Red97GST Guest

    sorry to hear it's an auto :(

    oh well get the tranny work done and it'll be aight. pretty good torque with the KA so it should scoot
  5. TotalEclipse

    TotalEclipse Guest

    very clean, and very nice
  6. EdgeCat

    EdgeCat Guest

    Very classy. :bigthumb:
  7. surreal

    surreal Guest

    The SE-R's are starting to turn on me. Especially the black ones w/ the stock silver rims. They do look nice, but porformance wise wont match up to my Scooby :)
  8. emotwob

    emotwob Guest

    sharp & clean... auto is a no no
  9. bowzer

    bowzer Guest

    yeah, auto does suck, but i hope to at least make the auto a little quicker in the near future

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