pics of my ram....

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Guest, Sep 6, 2001.

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  4. flynfrog

    flynfrog Cool isnt Cheap

    Jul 16, 2001
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    i love you well at least the truck

    im glad there are a few of us who dont realy give a hist if ourt cars can do 12s or what ever can they mud bog hell no we win

    id like ot see a supra mud bog that would be cool ok ill stop rambling now
  5. Guest

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    LOL.... im pretty sure she can run 20s with no problem... heres a list of mods ive done so far...

    3.90 gears, 3 inch suspension lift, Pro Comp ES3000 shocks, Pro Comp ES2000 steering stabilizer, waag grill guard, PIAA platinum H.I.D. headlights, K&N Gen II, fastman throttle body, autolite 3923s gapped @ 40, accel rotor, accel dist. cap, jacobs 8.5mm wires, 180 degree hypertech t-stat, 16x8 monster mod rims w/4.25 back spacing, 285/75/R16 BFG mud terrains, MPC 3-pc bug deflector, nerf bars, KC Highlights, dodge floor mats, dual 3 inch exhaust, draw-tite hitch, yellow wire loom, eclipse 6x9s.

    soon to add --
    superlift tru-speed
    jba headers
    new exhaust from headers back w/2.5 inch pipes
    IAT re-location

    i want high performance.. well as high as i can get it out of the truck... but id rather be able to go thru a puddle than outrun a civic LOL

    but to each there own.....
  6. We_Todd

    We_Todd I'm a naughty squirrel.

    Feb 5, 2001
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    Houston, Texas, US of A
    You can get an IAT's plug and play(well cut then plug and play) from That way you don't have to drill a hole in the intake and you could adjust/dial in the temp.

    Nice truck.:bigthumb:
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    hahah is funny you mention that... ive been talking with the owner of speedtweaks... hes here in austin and will get an IAT adjust shortly i hope...
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    We need to race

    We'll have to race. I have a 1979 Power Wagon Club Cab Long Box. 3/4 ton with 1 ton axles just no dualies (which i might buy with wells) and a unfactoy 440 Police Interceptor. 4X4, Eldorado diggers and like all dodges jacked up so u need a ladder to get in. fastest estimated is 130 and it was climbin fast yet. hehe:blue: its a fun little toy. Me and my friendf are gonna redo it. New box redo cab, paint it black with white stripes
    old style dodge do it new style hell yes
  9. spoon-ex

    spoon-ex Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2001
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    awesome ram, really like the black wheels

    i might be getting a 79 or so chevy 1/2 ton this summer and doing some mods to it for offroading, but have to see how things go
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    sweet ram:bigthumb:

    I have a dakota R/T, the same color.
    not really a big fan of black rims but damn those look good on your truck. very nice :)

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