pics of your home theater?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Jesse_Boyer, Oct 22, 2004.

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    My buddy doesn't think the lower dollar projectors look worth a darn, so i'm looking for pictures of peoples X1 and equivilant projector rooms. I'd take pics of ANY projector room, but i'm more concerned with the "cheaper" projectors.

    If you post pictures, tell me what projector you're using, size of the screen, and what you'd do differently.

    Thanks all!
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    I'm running an X1 and everyone absolutely loves it. especially me.

    im running it at 104" @ 1.85 aspect ratio now...

    my biggest mistake initially was setting up a blackout cloth screen on the wall bordered with real black velvet but i sized the screen for 4:3 ... so now i have it masked off for 16:9 and when i watch 4:3 i get the black bars oin the sides instead.

    i only sit 14' away from my 104" which actually makes the screen a tad bit larger than it should be optimally ..

    ill throw up some screenshots maybe later tonight when i get back home...

    the one thing about projection is you cant keep turning it on and off constantly in a short period of time.. in fact if you finish a movie but know that within 1 hour you will be watching again your better off just leaving it on for that hour while you are away...

    turning on the bulb eats bulb life.

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