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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Crazy88s, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Crazy88s

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    Ok, I think I have decided to go and get a Frenum Piercing, Now I just have a couple of questions. This is my first Piercing since I got my ears done 15 years ago (which I took out 10 years ago for work) so I don't have any real experience with this. I did pick out a good shop to do it (Koi in Salt Lake)

    1) Should I take someone with me for either moral support or to drive me home?
    2) How long will it take to have done?
    3) What is the best type of jewelry to start with (material wise)
    4) I have a lot of sensitivity during sex so is this going to make it more so?
    5) How is this going to feel for my SO (in general)?

    Thanks so much for the input. you guys (and girls) rock! :bowdown:
  2. S.N.A.F.U.

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    1) it's always good to have a friend. If this is your first piercing it's extra important because you do not know how you will react to it. I had a friend get light headed and couldnt drive home ;)

    2) time varies...shouldn't be more than an hour. (steralizing time for jewelry, info and after care info, paying, actual piercing time)
    3) your piercer will go over this with you
    4) ask a male :)
    5) I <3 genital piercings they rub in ALL the right places
  3. I always take a friend with me, but not to drive me home, but so he too can get something pierced. A couple of my buddies are into piercings so we go as a group and actually get a discount from Joey because of it. That and he knows we tip well so he likes to bring the price down a bit to give us a little extra incentive to tip him even better.
  4. Crazy88s

    Crazy88s Guest

    Thank you so much for the info. as soon as I get it I will post pics along with a story of my experience.

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