SRS Plan of Action v. My roommate's a slob but complains about everything being dirty

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    So, we live in a one-bedroom on campus apartment. (Cuz its cheap, yo.)

    I'm not the cleanest person in the world, but I am relatively sanitary. He, however, is a complete slob. Doesn't shower for days (unless he's going to meet people), doesn't clean/take out trash unless people are coming over, etc. There's a stack of nearly a dozen pizza boxes on the apartment porch (along with a bunch of crap of his -- like old computers). He's left his dishes in the sink since the beginning of august (I refuse to clean up after him anymore).

    (Yeah, I didn't know this when I moved in with him because he's usually "clean" in public)

    Anyway, he's started blaming the filth on me (which, ok, I do leave my gear lying around by my desk -- but not trash or old food) so I called him on it and he gives me this whole "I just can't handle a dirty apartment, so I blame it on you" ...half seriously bitching at me, half trying to make it a joke.

    So, I made a list of chores for both of us and plan on saying "We're going to start doing this since you're not happy with the state of the apartment. So we can keep each other motivated, I'm going to start calling you on it when you don't hold up your end and I'd like you to call me on it when I don't hold up mine. Is there anything you think should be added to the list?"

    Its gonna be a pain, because he's passive agressive and "sensitive" as hell (also, didn't know that when we moved in together).

    Here's my list of chores...Any recommendations on either the list or the situation?

    Person A Tasks
    +Clean Toliet
    +Clean Sink
    +Clean Shower
    +Mop the Floor
    +Sweep the Floor
    +Wash the Mats
    +Vacuum Living Room

    Person B Tasks
    +Clean Counters
    +Clean Stove-top & Eyes, Replace Foil
    +Mop Kitchen Floor
    +Sweep Kitchen Floor
    +Sweep Bedroom
    +Mop Bedroom floor

    General Stuff
    +All trash goes in the trashcan. (If its big -- take it down to the dumpster)
    +Dirty laundry should go in a dirty laundry recepticle.
    +Don't leave stuff lying around on the floor or couch
    +Dishes shouldn't stay in the sink for more than 1 night
    (inc. slow cooker; do own dishes)
    +Take out the trash twice a week (wed - mac, sun - dick); don't leave trash on porch -- it attracts squrriels and other pests.

    A/B Task Schedule
    Mac will do Person A tasks on even numbered sundays, Person B tasks on odd numbered sundays.

    Dick will do Person B tasks on even numbered sundays, Person A tasks on odd numbered sundays.
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    If you cook and eat at home you'll need to sweep the kitchen floor more than once a week - I have children and they tend to leave a trail but adults do too. The kitchen floor can have a few spots on it, but if it's swept it looks cleaner - I do it every day or at the most every other day. Wash once a week + spot clean during the week if it's noticable. However, you chouldn't need to replace the stove top stuff more than once a month unless you regularly cook things in too small pans that spill over. I recommend Easy off Bam degreaser for the stove top and hood - take all the elements off, spray, let it sit while you do another chore and most stuff will come right off.

    You did forgot dusting of surfaces, pictures on walls, plants, electronics. Dust first, vacuum second. Do the upholstered furniture and around the ceiling corners, over the windows once a month.

    It is extremely helpful to have whatever cleaning supplies you need for a room in that room - ie each bathroom has it's own toilet brush and cleanser and roll of paper towels.

    Every room with a basket should have it's own package of trash can liners closeby then there's no excuse not to re-line it.

    Put a basket for recycled paper where you open the mail.
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    Huge Trashbags...

    Paper plates and plastic spoons and forks

    drink out of bottles or cans

    problem solved
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    One thing that helped for some of my messier roommates in the past was to leave out only the bare minimum of kitchenware for use. That is: one set of cutlery, flatware and glassware per person, one or two frying pans, one or two pots, etc. It won't help with the delivery clutter but it does force you to clean all the time when you're cooking for yourself; it prevents sink piles as there simply isn't anything else to use. Coupled with a clean-after-you-cook policy this might work out well for you (assuming both of you can handle it - enforcing it can be a bitch).

    Sounds like you have the right idea, though. Calling him on his own BS is a good start.

    Edit: And unfortunately, unless he's willing to change, the only permanent solution is to remove yourself from the situation ie. find another roommate or find another home.

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