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Apr 13, 2004

Some highlights from the fan faire: (notes taken from a friend as he watched live)
showed trailer from the site
matt higbey comes to stage creative director of PS2
MAX suits look sexy as fuck, think space marine from SC2 for TR, some alien thing from Supreme commander for VS didn't see a NC one
Claiming 1000 people combat, open massive warfare.
New territory claiming thing, makes all the ground contestable and it changes constantly.
resources can be gained from taking area, resource is gained automatically for the empire.
Used for upgrades on weapons, vehicles and short cutting other features.
idea for outfits being able to build their own bases, veh pads and such at a later date
pushing differences in races but bringing back all three, claims they will have to use new strategies, there are now classes in PS2
can switch between classes seamlessly has their own upgrade tree. named Engi, Medic Max and heavy assault but there are more
Cert tree is massive, involves certs for everything from personal to outfit, even what implants and such you can get.
Allows you to advance without playing the game once you get high enough ranked.
skills are limited based on BR eventually you can up your skills even without playing.

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Jan 5, 2005
Oakland, Ca
I've dreamed of a PS2 since the beta for the first one.

Sadly, I'm sure they'll have an Item shop and a grind.

The balance was relatively on point in the original. other news, started playing quake live and damn is it refreshing to have no xp.


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Jun 30, 2010
first game was amazing in beta, then they launched the game and the servers just couldn't handle the strain.

I'm excited to see what they'll do with it now that the tech has improved somewhat. If they get it right, this could be an amazing online game.

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