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Aug 16, 2006
Hey guys so I've never posted in this part of the forum, haven't been posting in any part of the forum for a year now but I always cruise through here and there. I've thought about getting a tattoo for a couple years (I'm almost 21 now) and I've always had it put on the back of my mind. I was never serious enough to actually go get one. I've done a lot of research, read the edu in this forum and on a couple others. One thing that has really set me back from actually getting a tattoo, is the actual idea of the tattoo itself. I don't want to get anything meaningless, or anything just for the sake of getting a tattoo. Another thing was my body.

I'm 5'9 and weight 177lbs. I've been constantly going to the gym since June 1st of this year and weighed 180 back then. I've noticed a difference in my body, although it might not show in pounds but I've dropped from XL shirt size to L, 36 waist to 34.


Now I'm planning on constantly going to the gym for at least another year, and I'm sure my body will change even more. Should I have any worries if I get this tattoo within the next two months? I know I'm not going to get arnold schwarzenegger-big, but I'd think I'm going to get a little bit bigger.

I know I've made this thread lengthy, sorry :x

I want to get this part of my body tattoo'd.


Pretty much from one side of my chest to a half sleeve all around my arm and maybe dripping into my forearm. My idea is kind of two ideas, and I'm torn between the two

Version A) The Water Bearer (Aquarius Sign) w/ a Poseidon-ish Spear and he's coming out of the water trying to catch a Koi Fish. And either the Koi Fish is going to be in the spear or near it .

Version B) The Water Bearer (Aquarius Sign) pouring water into the sea but with a Koi fish incorporated somehow.

My Questions:

How long would it take to tattoo something of that size in full color? (Trying to figure out price cost, I'm guessing this tattoo is going to cost between 800-1000) Do you think it would be a multiple session thing?

It's my first tattoo, should I be hesitant to getting a piece this big?

Aftercare, I work in an environment where I'm required to wear Business-Professional throughout the day (mon-fri, 40hrs a day) . Any tips?

Skin-tone, I'm kind of pale and I'm guessing this tattoo would have a lot of Blue in it. Should that be another thing to be hesitant about?

Should I be hesitant at all? -_-

Oh and I really don't have a specific tattoo shop in mind, I'm thinking I want to go research a few online and go to a couple I like. But when I go over there, could I bust like an LA-Ink and tell them my idea and have them draw it up for me and I could tell them what to change and stuff? And let's say if they do draw it up and I for some reason don't like the artist or whatever, I feel like I still owe him for his/her time, what would be generous to do in that situation?

You guys are all awesome, thx for taking your time :big grin:
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