Plastic Surgery to enhance women sexually.

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    Women,have become much more assertive in their own desire for sexual gratification and cosmetic enhancement. They are coming to plastic surgeons, ob-gyns and a hybrid specialist called a urogynecologist for procedures to nip the inner labia, plump the outer labia, tighten the vagina and even restore the hymen, the little membrane that breaks during first intercourse (or for any number of reasons before ever having intercourse like riding a mountain bike or a horse, or just falling on a playground).

    Stubbs performs what he calls “the Toronto trim,” a combo procedure that includes a reduction of the inner labia and a slight “unhooding” of the clitoris so the little man in the boat isn’t being quite so reclusive.

    Women are just beginning to have another new procedure, too: G-spot enhancement. More about that later.

    In case you think this is yet another sign we’re all going to hell in a giant SUV loaded with sub-zero freezers and TIVO, and looking gorgeous all the way, well, maybe you’re right. But Wendy Lewis, the self-crowned “knife coach,” a consultant who matches a worldwide female clientele seeking cosmetic procedures with medical practitioners, says the surgeries are big in both Europe and the U.S. In Los Angeles local magazines are stuffed with ads promising to give women the yoni of their youth.

    Lewis says. “I had a lady from Saudi Arabia who had five children by the time she was 30, and was planning to go to Switzerland for [tightening] surgery so that she could keep her husband happy and interested.”

    But the example of Lewis’ client who had the children also points to the fact that women do this for themselves, too, in the hopes of enhancing their own pleasure. This particular woman had what is known as “vaginal tightening,” a procedure to firm up the outer ring of muscle leading into the vagina. Childbirth stretches this muscle and it may never fully recover, even with months of Kegel exercises (and every woman should do Kegel exercises).

    Hymen recreation is important to some women, like those from conservative Muslim families, who may not be virgins, but would like a prospective mate to think so. Stubbs points out that young rape victims can also be given recreated hymens.

    Extra large labia can become a nuisance or even painful to women. “One patient recently came in and said, ‘I have been bothered by this for 15 years. In all that time this is my happiest day,'" Blatt recalls.

    The latest in juicy bit augmentation is the G-spot enhancement. Techniques for this vary but the point is to plump up the G-spot to make it more prominent, easier to find and more easily stimulated by a penis. Stubbs is experimenting with hyaluronic acid, the fluid that lubricates our joints. (It is also used in cosmetic procedures as a skin filler to erase wrinkles.) Others use collagen injections.

    According to Stubbs, women love the results. Though doctors and scientists still debate if there is such a thing as a G-spot, Stubbs believes it is a collection of nerves on the same nerve highway as the clitoris. He says some African patients now living in Toronto who were forced to undergo genital cutting to remove their clitorises can now experience vaginal orgasms after having the G-spot injections.

    Other women, he says, “are just very happy.”
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    Thats interesting. I've heard of restoring the hymen in foreign countries so that women seem to be virgins :rolleyes:

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