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    For some background – Richie Hawtin has recorded under the alias Plastikman since the early 90s, to indulge in his most weirdo fantasies. This collection is some of the most heady, tripped-out, stripped-down minimal electronic music you will ever encounter. Richie was making this shit almost fifteen years ago – long before minimal techno became the all-encompassing buzz-genre-of-choice for the post-millenium metrosexual club crowd who still needed an excuse to justify their all-weekend coke habits. While I was in high school wearing Abercrombie flannels and rocking out to Pearl Jam, Richie was throwing Plastikman parties for 5000 people in burned-out auto plants in downtown Detroit, handing out free acid on a tray to all attendees and playing for 30 straight hours. Now he owns Berlin and has lifted techno to a beyond-global level – his Plastikman collection is an archive of what got him there.

    The story of the Plastikman catalog is summarized in the liner notes for Artifakts BC which I included – the first trilogy of albums is Sheet One, Musik, and Artifakts BC – all white colored albums, which reflect the more passive, ethereal sounds on the albums. The last two are Consumed and Closer – both black albums, both so evil and dirty sounding that it feels like someone is scraping your cerebellum with a rusty hanger. The Recycled Plastik album is more of a greatest hits and remixes. There is also Hawtin’s Decks, EFX, and 909 series, which I have – but, they are more of a reflection of his live sets of bangin’ techno. Those will be forthcoming. The Plastikman series is an amazing collection, meant to be listened to on headphones, or really loud on good speakers with lots of low-end bass. If you listen to any of these on a shitty system, it will sound like a cricket and a rusty bicycle and you will not get it. If you smoke a joint and listen to the series on good headphones, you will no longer consider yourself a human.





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