GAME Playing Shadow Complex Again...


Oct 26, 2006
I forgot how great this game is. So much fun, especially when some of my favorite games include Super Metroid and Castlevania SOTN. I'm glad the creators liked those games as much as I do and ripped off that gameplay style. they did a hell of a job with it. If you've never played this game, you MUST. I think anyone would enjoy it, but if you're an old school gamer you might appreciate it a bit more for that nostalgia factor.

I was just doing some reading, and they said there will undoubtedly be a sequel! Its just a matter of when. Hopefully its in the works and is something we'll start seeing some concrete news and a release date soon. I'd love to play another one...I really wish Nintendo would just stop fucking around and make a Metroid like this again. We need that. Hell, hire these dudes to make Super Metroid 2.

So as for Shadow Complex...I went through it once and didn't play it again. You were kind of stuck at the end once you saved there if I remember correctly. I don't think I could go back to earlier parts and look for things I missed so I just beat it and that was that. When I just started a new game, I had to basically say bye bye to that original save file and overwrite it. Kind of dumb to only have one save slot on a game in this day and age but whatever, I don't think I'll ever need to go back to that and I'm pretty pumped to be starting over. I remember the general story and what I'm supposed to be doing, but its been long enough where it doesn't feel like I remember everything and it'll be fun to rip this up again.

If you never bought it before, go do it now...dammit.


Jan 25, 2003
One of my favourite gaming experiences in the year it came out. It's pretty much the main reason why I own a 360.


Oct 26, 2006
Shadow Complex 2 is going to be sick :bowdown:

I wonder how far along they are on it. They basically said its a for sure thing...I sure hope they started it! ...and more than anything, I hope they didn't fuck with the gameplay style, because they nailed it. It was fun and addicting. I couldn't stop playing the first time through. I beat it in 2 sittings, only turned it off the first time because my controller died and I decided that was a sign to take a break.


New Member
Jan 29, 2005
One of my favourite gaming experiences in the year it came out. It's pretty much the main reason why I own a 360.

Pretty much the main reason I miss having one :sad2:

I got rid of mine right before this game was released. Oh well.


Active Member
Mar 2, 2007
Bay Area, CA
Kind of wavered on playing it when I first downloaded it since not having sprites with that type of game engine took some getting used to. Towards the end though when you're all beast mode and shit with the armor pieces I was having a lot of fun. Wish it could have been a bit longer but it is only a downloadable game.

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