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    Recently I realize that there might be a different in between men and women playing the role of the victim. In the past relationship, if I did anything wrong, my girl would be the victim that I'm the bad guy and it made me feel so guilty that I wanted to change myself for the better. I thought that would be the same for guys if we play the victim and do the "you did me wrong" attitude. I came to a realization that it is opposite for men because it makes them very unattractive. The women would not feel any sympathy about what she did and think of her man as a "victim". Anybody can confirm this with me? What would be the correct way to behave if it's not attractive to be the victim?
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    Not only are all men and women different when they are the "victim" but it also largely depends on whatever situation they are put in making them the victim. So I could agree with a particular occurence of how one sex reacted to it but it's not always like that. No one has to "play the victim," because it is never sexy. IMO, if you ever were th victim in a situation I've found the best way to get past it is taking time to yourself where you certainly do not whine about said situation. Girls are somewhat more notorious for trying to make their guy feel bad about certain things that he does, whereas guys tend to bitch to themselves after only maybe telling the girl once how they feel and then trying to get over it.

    Example: If a guy/girl gets cheated on I'd say take the high road, dump them and move on. Not sit around crying over what happened, calling the cheater a bitch and further making yourself look unattractive in the situation. Because usually the cheater in mind is already unattracted enough to their SO to have cheated on them in the first place.
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