PlayStation 2...still worth buying???

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by fubar, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. fubar

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    Since the price drop, I am no considering picking up a PS2. However, my question you think it is worth it? I don't get a chance to play a lot of games any more, and in fact...the only reason I am considering buying it is that 1.) I own a couple PS games that I like to play 2.) It will function as my DVD player for now.

    What would make the XBox or the Gamecube a better buy???
  2. moot

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    I've got a GC, and when the price drop happened I looked into getting an X-Box or PS2 (like you, mainly as a DVD player). I looked through the library of games for each system as well as what was upcoming for release soon. I really didn't find anything that caught my eye, so I decided to get an actual DVD player instead. It cost me less than either system would have and its just as good if not better quality than them, too.

    What you have to do is take a look and see if either system has games you'd like to play. If they don't, then you're better off getting a higher quality, standalone player.
  3. He's right. The DVD players in the PS2 and Xbox aren't great quality wise. Not only that, but the Xboxs DVD player isn't entirely reliable and has been known to damage the game unit itself. If you just want a DVD player, go get a DVD player. But if you want a DVD player and an awsome game library, get a PS2.
  4. Buck-O

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    I think youve got your information SEVERLY backwards.

    The XBox's DVD quality is as good or better then most average DVD players. And is extremely reliable. As the DVD drive is considerably more rugged, and well built. THe descriptions ive heard is that the XBox DVD drive is the exact same thing you would get off the shelf for your PC, where as the PS2's DVD drive, is somthing your more likely to find in a laptop.

    When it comes to visual and audio quality, the XBox is considerably higher then the PS2...blind comparisons will prove it. Its just higher quality, period. Both video and audio.

    I have yet to hear of an XBox flipping out from playing DVD's...i have one, along with 6 other friends of mine. All of which where bought through out the span of its release, and we all watch DVD weekly on them, and are yet to have a problem with them in any way shape or form. Yet we have all gone through at least one PS2. So...take your pick of reasons why. Personaly, i find the XBox to be a considerably higher quality unit.
  5. Little Spunky $#!T

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    Jul 16, 2001
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    I'd say its worth it still. There are still lots of great games for it. But the XBOX is also another great system. Its basically up to what games you wanna for the XBOX, Halo rules. And than you got your PS2 fav.'s such as GTA3 or GT3.
  6. TypeC

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    Definately get it. The DVD player is PERFECT. I've had ZERO problems with it in the two years that I've had it. it IS my DVD player.

    The games are awesome. Right now, it has the best (and most) good games. You'll be happy you got it.
  7. Buck-O

    Buck-O Guest

    Youve never owned a real DVD player before have you?
  8. TypeC

    TypeC Guest

    I use anther DVD player at mom rents house and it seems the same. I mean, I did have to get a remote.

    Honestly, if it plays crystal clear, has all the menu options, and sounds perfect, what else is there?
  9. Buck-O

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    Its FAR from "crystal" its got alot of color degradation, and some blockyness. The picture quality is simply pathetic.
    The sound throught he digital output is decent quality wise, it does have sync issues, especially when playing DTS tracks. And the basic stereo output is far from awe inspiring.

    I can think of alot of other things that are there.

    Heck, the way your describing it, if that where the case with every item, we would all be driving Hyundais now. Id rather prefer a porche, thanks.
  10. Iron Maiden

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    I would say get a PS2. You can play your PS1 games on it. I don't know if it will be a good DVD player unless you can get a sound system.
  11. TypeC

    TypeC Guest

    That's a nice opinion you have there. I haven't noticed any of the mentioned issues. Maybe your TV is too big.

    I'm totally satisfied with my purchase.
  12. Buck-O

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    It comes from being spoiled with an HDTV, and a DIY home theater system. I see, and hear every little bit of slop. So it sticks out preaty blatently when you look at it blindly.
  13. TotalEclipse

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    The PS2 is perfectly fine for DVD duty in 90% or more households. Those that must have start of the art sound/entertainment shouldn't consider a PS2 as there DVD player because the PS2 simply is not a DVD player, it is a game system that happens to play DVDs.
  14. Lomotil

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    Yeah! Get one now! That way you'll have to buy another one to replace it when it craps out on ya! If you're lucky, the system will last long enough for the price to go down again...
  15. Guest

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    Gamecube owns all!
  16. TypeC

    TypeC Guest

    I think you got a lemon. I've had my PS2 for almost 2 yrs without any problems at all.
  17. Red Hunter

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    The only reason I wanted PS2 was basically for GTA3 alone and I have that on my computer running perfect. So Im set :big grin:.
  18. SeGaSFiNeSt

    SeGaSFiNeSt Guest

    Ya man Ps2 is a great machine
  19. AMD PwR

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    I've got a GCN, and the only thing bad about it is that it cant play DVDs, so im looking into a PS2 also. I've looked around and other regular sony DVD players start at close to $120, so why not pay the little extra for a PS2. It's the same company, and how differently could they play anyway. That's just what im thinkning though, someone pleeeeeease knock some sense into me.
  20. Lomotil

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    I think a lot of people got a lemon. "It's a sony," remember?

    I had enough foresight to not buy a PoS2 because of the horrible quality control problems of the first PSX. I myself went through two of them. I chuckle now, as I hear all the reports of people spending $300 back then on a useless black box that doesn't work anymore... :big grin:
  21. ZenkaiRaceR

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    My friend bought his ps2 when they first came out for 300 bucks. And I bought it off of him last week. Both the dvd player and games work perfectly fine. I know the quality wasnt great with the psx's i went through 2 of them. But Id say the ps2's quality is much better then the psx. Also this was his primary dvd player which he used a lot since when he got it all he rented were dvd's.
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  22. Lomotil

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    Are you familiar with the saying, "Knock on wood?"
  23. mrorgy

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    just get the yoshi box or wutever its called with all 3 systems in it
  24. Taker

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    May 25, 2001
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    Northern Virginia
    does the PS2 DVD player support regions other than North america?
  25. The_Rock

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    Duh it's worth buying! With new games like WWE Smackdown 4 (Shut your mouth), Playstation 2 is a must have!

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