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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Swerve, Mar 26, 2008.

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    I don't really play games, primarily it will be used for surfing, coding, web design and running single VMWare sessions.
    My main concern is the Graphics Card. Like I say, not really into gaming, so am wondering whether I may be better off getting a cheaper card, and getting 4GB of RAM instead (will be using 32bit OS's, but understand the ~3gb limit).

    Perhaps this card? :-
    Is this the best DVD drive out right now, always thought NEC's were the best, but the Sony seems to have good reviews.

    Also I'm wondering whether these components are all compatible, and is a 700 watt PSU necessary? I may add a second hard drive in the future, and will probably overclock the CPU, but 700?!?

    Thanks for any advice, will be extremely appreciated.
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  2. Doc Brown

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    I would imagine that the E8400 is cheaper than the E6600 in the UK?
    It's newer and faster, so go with that instead.

    You don't need the thermalright cooler. The stock Core 2 Duo coolers work quite well.
    Just get the retail version which comes with the hs/cooler.

    The 1066 memory isn't worth the money for what you're trying to do.

    Can you get a similar deal on the 32mb (*****11 series) Seagate?
    If you can, do so.

    I don't know about arctic, but see if you can find a similar deal on one of these in your area.

    For a single graphics card, especially an 8600, you can get away with @550 watts.

    NEC Sony is excellent for burners.
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    1066MHz ram is great, if you're overclocking, a lot, otherwise, 800 is plenty.

    Also, switch out that maxtor hard drive for a seagate or western digital.
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    The Asus P5Ks has more issues compared to their Gigabyte or Abit counterparts.
    If they work, they are awesome. if they don't, they are garbage.

    For CPU,... speed = E8400, raw power = Q6600
    to my knowledge, VMware will benefit from more cores.
    What's the price difference between the Q6600 and the Q9450 in the UK?

    Intel stock cooler is fine if you don't overclock.

    Get the 1066 RAM if you get a quad.

    Get the 8800GT. RAM is cheap, you can add later.

    Got no complaints on my Sony/NEC Optiarcs.

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