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    Cliffnotes: I got 200$ gift certificate and staff purchase abilities....

    Ok well I won this top sales contest thru CompuSmart (Canadian Company) and now I am in the market for a camera....See my main problem is that I want a camera that is 3.2mp+ that will capture sound and still give me great functionality and picture quality....

    So far I have looked at the Olympus Stylus 300 because of its all metal body (VERY IMPORTANT)...water resistant features...zoom lens and XD Mem card....also it's 3.2mp with 3xOptical Zoom.....

    For me...I can get the camera for around $380 after tax if I use my $200....soo that's not to bad.....But the only thing stopping me is that this camera doesn't have sound....soo GRRRRR.....

    Also...I have been looking at the Casio Exilim EX-Z3...and well it's a wicked camera but I don't know if my purchasers will bring it in for me...cuz they are bitches that way.....

    Soo do you guys have any other suggestions of cameras.....cuz the lines that we carry now are....

    Canon, Fuji, Olympus, HP, Kodak, Dynmax, Sony...

    and I can order in other cameras from the same makers listed above....And I don't want to spend more than 400$ of my own money....and well COST of cameras is still pretty high....since....the Olympus one I listed sells for $599..and with my $200 GC..I still have to fork out 380$...soo yeah....not to cheap.....

    Any help will be greatly appreciated....thank you....
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