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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by irishwhite, Aug 5, 2003.

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    okay, i would like to get the Radeon all-in-wonder 9000 pro, but unfortunately my current motherboard only has a PCI slot (or so i'm told), and i need an AGP slot to use the video card. So i guess that means one of two things, i can get a PCI version of the video card (but i'm not sure they make a PCI 9000 pro), or i get a new motherboard which has AGP slots.

    I'm going into this computer market without much experience or insight, and i'm finding out that it is very confusing. so if i were to just get a new motherboard, what things should i consider? i know i would like something that is at least relitively fast, and i don't want to get into OCing my system cause i'm sure to fuck something up. here is a motherboard that seems like it would be pretty nice, but one question i have is will i need to get anything else after getting this motherboard, or can i just replace my old one with it and be set? i realize that my memory is SDRAM, so i would have to get the DDRAM memory, but other then that i'm not sure what i would have to do to get everything to work. your help is truly appreciated. if you need to know any more info, then i'd be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge.
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    Yeah I doubt there is a PCI version of that card.

    Now with getting a new motherboard, you have to be sure that the new motherboard supports your CPU and memory. You need to find out if your CPU is a Socket 478 cpu since that's what this motherboard supports.
    You're right about the memory.. and everything else SHOULD be fine. You probably won't need a new power supply.
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    thanks for your help. The only thing i'm still wondering is how can i find out what kind of socket my motherboard is? i would assume it is in the manual, but i was wondering if i can view that information some other way too. anyways, thanks again.

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