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    well here.

    this sounds good, right?

    but i dont really understand how this stuff works.

    i don't even know which version to download.

    i build basic html websites, and have been using mal's ecommerce which intergrates with my html website to become a shopping cart. it's easy to use but has no traditional backend, and also requires a lot of development time.

    magento has features i love like zoom on the images and a real back end.

    can someone smart take a look at this site and tell me if:

    it really can be COMPLETELY customised? i won't go with OScommerce because all those stores look the same - UGLY.

    if the $149 professional installation fee is reasonable. i figure $149 for a really good cart is a worthwhile fee but if it's easy to install why would i pay? or... if one of you guys can easily install it i'd rather give you $50 to do it. obviously im not paying one of you guys $149 cuz you're not a rep of the biz and if you mess up you're not liable

    what does this mean?

    "Sorry, we do not install on Windows and MAC servers."

    how do tell if you're running a windows server?

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