plz help: vid card problem

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 2WenTy D0LLaZ, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. got a VisionTek XTasy Mx 440 AGP vid card.

    installed it, and it was working fine. then a few days later, everytime i went to play Half-Life, it would lock up during the middle of a game.

    i installed the most up-to-date drivers, and even downloaded the windows service packs. and i still get the same problem.

    anyone know howto fix this
  2. crotchfruit

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    here's a personal anecdote:

    a few months ago i bought a sapphire 9500 pro. i installed it + drivers and ran some benchmark programs. on a few of the programs, and some of my games, i was getting weird texture problems. i spent about two nights doing everything i could think of to fix the problem, with no luck.

    but then i decided that this wasn't worth my time. i put my old board back in and RMA'd the 9500. about a week later i got a new board and went through the same routine - but this time everything worked great the first time.

    moral of the story: sometimes you get bad hardware. you probably have something faulty that's locking up under load/temp. RMA your board.
  3. oh, so you think its either a heat problem/need a new motherboard?
  4. crotchfruit

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    i wouldn't go that far.. probably just your vid card if you weren't getting these problems with your last card...? it could be anything though :eek3:

    and you don't have to go and buy another piece of hardware. you should be able to send back the vid card as an RMA and get another one.
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    I would think it's heat related as well...

    I am big into o/cin my card and I can hit speeds that is fine for general use (desktop, inet, word, simple apps basically) but when I try to run heavy games that heat up the processor it locks up...from what i've gathered it's 100% related to temperature

    try checking to make sure the fan is coming on, also if it's fairly new (30 day money back idea) I would advise you to trade it for another one, if not, see if you can upgrade the fan on it, OR downclock it (powerstrip is a good program for playing with settings)

    good luck
  6. my vid card doesnt have a fan. i think ima return it today

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    ive had terrible luck with visiontek stuff :( :( :(

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