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  1. I've bought a new case and and put together this computer i'm sitting on right now .. there are a couple of pin connectors that i haven't connected yet due to lack of information and i was wondering if anyone could help me figure out where they go. anyways, i want to hook up two of the build in LED's on the front of the case so they light up .. and the front panel microphone jack. the microphone connectors are explained in my motherboard maual, but the markings on the actual wires are different from whats on the pins, and the LED wires aren't mentioned in the Mobo manual. I'm running a ASUS P4P800S motherboard, thanks everyone for their help, and if more information is needed, please dont' hesitate to ask, tomorrow i'm going to put in a new radeon 9800xt so i'll copy down the markings on the wires ^_^ ..
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    let me see if i understand this:

    you found the utility jumper block on the mobo.. the one that has pins for the pc speaker, HD light, power light, etc, and you know which pins do what (based on the manual.)

    you also have two connectors from the case, one labeled PN1 and one labeled PN2. each connector has two wires coming from it, a white/black one and a colored one (red, green, blue, etc).

    if this is the situation, then all you need to is connect PN1/2 to the pins that you want to be lit up. For example, if you want PN1 to be the HD light, connect PN1 to the HD pins on the mobo. The manual will tell you which is ground (-) and which is power (+).. connect the white/black side to ground and the colored side to power.

    You can move the PNx connectors around as you see fit.
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    On ASUS boards, the cluster of pins you need are on the bottom right of the board (assuming the bottom left of your board has all of the PCI slots).
  4. i figured out the lights on my case, there are no connectors needed but a 4 pin power cable and a button i forgot to press on the front of my chassis

    as for the front panel microphone pin grid, here is a picture of that part of the manual ..


    The pins connectors i have to plug into that grid are labeled


    I'm guessing Mic-In goes to MIC2 and mic power goes to MICPWR :squint: and ground goes to AGND..but i don't know what goes to +5VA, NC. and what the difference is between the Line Out's and the BLine Out's :ugh:

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