SRS Poem: Pills

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    My release drops
    Off the tounges edge
    As the pain slips,
    Past the waters edge
    Trial sized
    To make it through
    A couple more
    Rough mood set smooth
    New horizons
    They show me
    Through eyes that
    Don't wish to see
    A further destination
    Then I could ever reach
    So many limitations
    That I have breached
    They bring me a numbness
    Something to make me forget
    To turn the volume down
    On a life so full of shit
    A tortured mind wants peace
    A quiet buzz for myself
    To taste a piece of serenity
    Allow tranquility to engulf
    I take these little white pills
    To help me forget
    All of the badness
    All the bullshit
    All of the sorrow
    That exists in my life
    All of the times
    I ever questioned why
    Everything that's ever
    Happened to me
    Everything that's ever
    Made me unhappy
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    Sounds familiar :) Good poem

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