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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Kenji-Boi, Aug 26, 2003.

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    Where you dont want to...believe me
    I have been practicing freestyling, rapping and writing for awhile but never really post anything about it. This example below is just an example of some quick writing. Hope you like it, feel free to leave feedback. Thanks.


    I am the mean people eater
    Compulsive cheater who cant commit to one women either
    The bitch talks too much shit so I beat her
    not with my fist but with an egg beater
    then her hair gets wrapped around the lever
    Accidentally ripping her scalp off then her hair gets severed
    in two different places between the hair on her face and head to the hair in between her legs.

    Its twisted shit like observing DNA when I twist the strand and make perfect clones of this man that you see When I flip codes I mean genetic turning any woman to a nympho whos always in bed and ready.

    It’s confusing to the human eye but use your imagination
    no imitations or simulations its a 100% real therapeutic sensations you'll see when im bringing some straight lyrical combat to just massage your back right before I break out Machetes and carve you in 1/2 like that lawyer cat from 13 ghosts when he got split in two watching organs pulse.

    My mind is a terrible thing to waste
    so naturally after a bottle of Everclear I need something to chase
    like I chase money cause when im done with the bottle im honestly the most wack in the head cat whose body is falling non chalantly I aint speaking in tongue like monks do at monasteries

    Full of abilities with top notch agility to insult people literally and have many cats want to kill me but I feel nothing from a bottle of pure alcohol consumption so don’t touch me cause you couldn’t even
    come close bitches so get off me.
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    I can dig it. Nice.
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    I'm not one to kill art, but I ask that these kinds of things be posted elsewhere, Society and Philosphy isn't a forum section for the arts, it's for discussion of social and philosophical topics.

    I have hence moved it to a more proper location.

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