Pooping at work. Is that considered your break?


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May 17, 2002
No place for older men
My first job out of college.
I worked at a religious publishing house in Cleveland - Union Gospel Press.
You had a work station, and an alarm sounded at 2:20. You walked from the work station to a yellow line painted in the middle of the floor.
You kept on the yellow line and it took you to a cafeteria. Vending machines - soup, soda, candy - was free. The alarm sounded again
at 2:40. You stood up, got back to the yellow line, and walked back to your work station.

One day I had to pee. Badly. It was 2 pm. So I left my work station, went to take a pee, and came back.
Wasn't like I spent ten minutes in there. More like 30 seconds.

I get back to my work station, and my supervisor gets a note from the president of the company.
He has seen me on video cameras walking away from my job, and it wasn't time for a break.
He said - if I do it again, I'll be fired.

So the very next day, at 2 pm, I go take a piss. Another thirty seconds. Within five minutes of me coming back to my work station,
my boss had the paperwork drawn up informing me that I was outta there.

So jobs are worth getting fired from.


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Dec 30, 2004
I take a coffee break, then a cig break, then a poop break, then a prayer break, then lunch

maybe after lunch I do some work, depends if I have to poop again or not
You ever take a nap in the Lactation Room?

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