Poor range on wireless router.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by richardrich, Feb 23, 2004.

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    I have a D-Link DI-514 router. The range on this things is pretty sad. Trying to upgrade the firm ware but the file is a .bin extension which I thought were only used for macs. My computer runs on win xp and doesn't know what to do with it. You guys have any ideas?

    Thnx in advance.
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    hmm, first off i think that router might be kinda :ugh:

    as for firmware, you either download a program from dlink to upgrade it, or there will be some option in its config to upgrade it and pull the file from your computer,

    and for the love of all that is holy, secure your wireless
  3. richardrich

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    the problem is the firmware upgrade is a *.bin and my computer doesn't recognize it.
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    Try moving the router around in the room it's in or move it to a different room

    As for the firmware; don't worry about if your computer can read the bin, that doesn't matter.
    Read the install instructions on how to update the firmware and just do what it says.
    Some routers you have to download a program that does the job, and on other routers there is a place within the router's config where you "upload" the firmware and the router does the job for you.

    And for a D-Link, you "upload" the firmware file to the router
    How do I know? I read about it on at http://www.dlink.com Support FAQ "How do I upgrade the firmware on my router?"
    Funny how that works, huh?

    Oh and I'll just bet if you RTFM it would tell you the same thing the web site does to update the firmware
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    I'm in agreement with wolf...you should definately move your wap around to find the best place. Sitting on top of my desk, my wireless range was only about 50 feet outside of my apartment, and I had poor connection at the other end. Where it is now, i have maximum connection strength, and am able to use my internet at the park 2 blocks away.

    For that to work, however, i had to get the signal booster from linkys, and mount the thing in a window. A 100 foot cable was necessary. I realize that this is a bit excessive, but the range i got is worth it.

    The moral of this story: Close to your desk may be the worst place to locate your wap. Electronic devices will interfere with the signal. Wireless frequencies are virtually the same as what's in a microwave oven...so this offers a good way to think about what materials will pass the wireless signal. If it gets hot in the microwave, then it won't pass the signal through it. If it causes sparks in the microwave, then it will reflect the signal (even worse).

    Don't put your computer in the microwave.

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