A&P Portable power for strobes... What are u using

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by turbodude, Oct 11, 2007.

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    I have an AB800 and ABR800, wanting to use it on location with some car junkie i met. The guys cars are glorious. (74 riviera, 300M with hogan intake, t-trim, liberty trans, 69 camaro with zzjet 502, etc...) But dont want to spend gobs and gobs of money on portable power. Wondering what you all are using these days? I was thinking the Vagabond 300 but i may want to upgrade to a different brand of strobe and unsure if they would work. :wavey:
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    I bought a 33 amp hour 12volt sealed lead acid battery (brand is Werker bought from Batteries plus) for around 79$ I believe (I didn't bother shopping online for a lead acid battery).

    I bought a 600 watt samlex pure sine wave inverter for $180 from marketronics (some online website). Bought some... (I think 10 guage, I already forgot) wire to wire the two things together.

    The 600 watt inverter powers a B1600 at full power no problem, and will run 2x 1600s at full power, but it gives a long beep as it recycles as it drains the capacitor in the inverter.

    Even when both B1600's are at 1/4th power the inverter gives a short beep. Those B1600s draw so much amperage when the capacitors are empty. I've been meaning to call Samlex to see just how bad it is for the inverter to discharge and recharge it's internal capacitors to power the B1600s.

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