Portfowarding on ZA Pro only?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ronk, Jun 17, 2004.

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    Last night I was setting up ZA at home, all I really ever needed was the basic firewall. Now Im running into where I want to use port forwarding. I know how to, but the options to get into the custom IP support isnt there.

    Am I missing something, or do I need to upgrade to pro for PF?
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    Port forwarding on a software 'firewall'? Kinda does not make sense, port forwarding is when one device forwards port traffic to another. Since the 'firewall' is on the same device all you should have to do is allow the traffic on the ports you want to use.

    I found these instructions but I am not sure if its for Pro Only, I wouldn't imagine its pro only...
    Open ZoneAlarm
    Goto the "FireWall" Section 
    Click the "Main" Tab.
    In the "Internet Zone Security" box, click custom.
    Scroll Down to the rule for "Allow Incoming TCP Ports" and highlight it.
    In the bottom section type: the port numbers you want open.
    Click Apply
    Click OK
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    By default, ZA has no ports open, then some, then all depending on the slider. But even with that, you have to allow programs to send packets. So trojan is on your computer for some reason, it sits there waiting for a signal, it gets it and acknowledges it via the internet at which time ZA intercepts it if it's not one of the registered programs asking for access.

    As he says, port forwarding is for routers, not firewalls.

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