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  1. I'm feeling much better lately. I've had some up and down days - but since getting out of the hospital, resting, and getting a new roommate I'm feeling around a 4, sometimes even a 5 [1 -10 scale, 10 is symptom free].

    Anyway, wanted to let you all know that the illness has been less intrusive lately. I also had the Brain SCAN done. 3 abnormal brain scans, and now as of March, I have a normal Brain SPECT. This is very positive. It means that whatever is going on is improving, and it's likely - since the only medicines I've been using are antibiotics - are that the antibiotics are targeting whatever is wrong. The IV antibiotics, plus the antibiotics given in the hospital, as well as the ongoing Tetracycline seem to have had a positive impact.

    Sepsis is gone, no high fevers - I'm finished with the Levaquin and Bactrim, and I continue using the Tetracycline. Dr. Donta [Lyme Specialist] never wrote me back after I sent him that e-mail in which I chastised him.

    I suppose I will call Dr. Raxlen in Greenwich CT and see if he'll work with me to continue the Lyme therapy. I'm not sure if I'll still go to Tufts. I suppose that if I continue improving as I have then there won't be a need, but if I notice more down days over the course of this week I'll be ready to plan evaluations out and go for further testing in Boston to see if we can target whatever is causing my situation. I still feel that Chronic Lyme is the most likely problem - but again, there is no way for me to really know.

    I'm glad the scan was normal. I've noticed a significant decline in depression since being hospitalized as well. In-fact, I've noticed no depression, or abnormal moods at all. I still notice sleep abnormalities though, but overall I'm doing well for now.
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    :blue: This is great news babe :)
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    Continue with the treatment that helps.

    These are good signs towards your full recovery. You haven't experienced a normal life for over a decade, i will gladly welcome you back into the world of us normal crazy folks :big grin:
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    Thats great. Its nice to know that everything is working out for such a great person. I hope you are cured soon because it sounds like if things keep going good you will one day have your health at 100%
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    Awesome man! :) Glad to hear the scan was normal, and that you're doing OK. You deserve a break. :hug:
  6. Thank you all for the positive encouragement and responses. I pushed a little too hard today and ended up sick tonight while at church. I will rest tomorrow, but it's really important for me to take the good days when I have them and really live them with full vigor and life. I have a difficult time knowing my limitations. With this illness the after effects can be deceiving while doing any given activity. It's not until "after" that you know whether you did or didn't do too much.

    Today I did too much, and tomorrow I'll be careful and take it as a rest day. We'll see what happens from there. Thank you again for all your support, it's changing me.
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    I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better!

    And you are totally right, live the good days and take them as they come. They are a gift and will give you something to look back on and smile when those bad days come (which hopefully they will be gone for a while)

    Here's to hoping tomorrow is better than today.
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    Good to hear you are doing better :)

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