SRS possible anger issue v how do I i.d. the problem

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  1. I dont normally post outside of the OT section but I've been thinking about this for awhile. I think I might have an anger problem. But Im not ure if its normall healthy anger or if its something else. Several people I work with have mentioned that i might have a problem but I dont really trust them (they only see me at work and if thats a place that "makes" me angery then its kinda biased)

    My concern is that I have 2 young children and I have nearly taken out my anger on them. I really dont want to risk hurting them (or their mother).

    most days at work i am fine but sometimes things piss me off. Normally (99%) its something that pisses others off too. The problem is I have a hard time restraining myself from verbally/physically lashing out. I have holes in the wall at home from similar events. I dont think thats healthy. Am I wrong?

    Would some kind of anger log help? Im sorry if these things are covered here alot or if these are stupid questions. I normally have a hard time asking for help but I figure poeple here will never meet me in real life so I dont have to worry about you judging me.

    Thanks for your help
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    Yes. You have a major problem if you are punching holes in the walls. You have to talk to a professional about these issues. I have no idea what's causing them, but one day you're going to snap and it won't be the wall you're hitting.

    Edit: The first step in anything is addressing the problem. What do you think is making you upset enough to hit things? Work? Lack of freedom due to family? Friends? Money?

    Just spill your guts out and I'm sure you'll get a great response from someone here.
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    :werd: That is far beyond normal anger. Check and see if there's some type of anger management support group in your area that you can go to. At least you recognize that you have a problem and that is a big step toward getting help.
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    anger management classes, prescriptions and psychotherapy.
    Get help now so you won't end up in jail. Good luck!
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    you need to figure out a way to control your emotional outbursts. If you cant handle the anger in a mature manor you cant expect your children to do so.
    what kinda shit sets you off? maybe its triggering something else..

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