Possible 'Easter Egg' on whatisthematrix.com!?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by bakinbits, Nov 7, 2003.

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    hurr durr
    Go to www.whatisthematrix.com and enter the high-speed flash site thing...

    Now, go to the top navigation screen thing and roll your mouse over the third button under the revolutions screen.

    It displays "0x0AC01BFA"

    I know that's Hex (at least I think it is) but when I convert it to ASCII, I get " Àú" .. whatever that means.

    Just to further investigate, I went to the non-flash page and highlighted the same box. It displays the same thing, but says "flash only" under it.

    Is that 0x0AC.. thing a hex code for an action? Is that a place in the flash file that'll open something new? :confused:
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    Go to the main forum, search for hack or somethign like that...3-4 page thread about it.

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