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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by i-dub, May 7, 2005.

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    kay, so i have this idea, and i'm not sure if someone may have already come up with a solution to it, but anways here it goes. baseically, i'm a member of multiple forums, and many of them have some sort of trendy header image, wich is fine by me, but on one forum that i've been a member of, we were given a poll for us to pick which member submitted header image would grace every page of the site. well, of course the one that won was one that i certainly didn't vote for, and now i'm kinda put off by it. so i'm wondering if there may be some extension for firefox, or maybe a css workaround in which i can replace that header image with the one i had voted for originally.

    i'm a total noob as far as web design goes. i've had one college class on the basics, and the rest i've learned from various books and from the internet, and i know that some browsers allow end-user control of certain elements on a webpage, so i'm hoping that there's already something out there. but if not, do you think it would be difficult to come up with something?

    i know that there are scripts available that will do things such as remove ads on pages, so i assumed that it must be possible to simply change the image with another that sits on the end-users hard drive. and i realize that this could be a touchy area for web designers, but thought i'd ask anyways. and if you don't know the answer, but may be able to point me in the right direction, then i'd be happy to do the searching myself. thanks in advance.

    *also* i'm sad to see that the philosophy forum is gone :(
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    Add something like this to your userContent.css file:
    img[src="url_of_the_image_you_don't_like"] {
    I haven't tried that, but if you play with it a little you should be able to get it working.
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    Just Adblock it.

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