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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Chris, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Right now everything in my house (2 Desktops, 4 laptops, Wii, PS3, and sometimes PSP) runs through a Buffalo WHR-G125 (running DD-WRT v24rc5) to the modem and the interweb. But problem #1 is its 4 wired ports are currently full, and I will probably soon be adding more devices in my house with a new roommate. I will also soon be building a home server based of Server 2003 to store all my media and house backups of all the other machines.

    So Im thinking (hoping) I can use some of the other hardware Ive got laying around in conjunction with the new Server 2003 machine to expand my capacity and be more reliable overall. My server machine will have dual LAN ports so I can go from my modem to the server then from the server I can use an 8 port dumb switch to hook up the wired machines and then off one of those ports run either my Buffalo router or a La Fonera (also with DD-WRT) in AP mode for the wireless clients in my house. That way my Server machine is doing all of the DHCP assigning for my house as well as hosting my simple website without having to open ports in my router. I would also most likely do all of my torrent downloading from the server since the files I would be downloading would be stored locally on it anyway.

    So thats what Im thinking anyway, but Im a total noob to Server 2003, though I think it can do everything Im wanting it to do.
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    Although I would put the 03 server on the router/switch, rather than on the 2nd router.

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