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    I've found out that I am a really downbeat person. That doesn't mean I am depression-prone.

    Contrary to that belief, I am one of those who require motivation or something of a headstart in order to do something.

    Stuff like Energy Drinks do really raise my motivation, but I know of their danger. Is there any other stuff I can take?

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    Herbal teas of the healthy variety can raise levels of wellbeing safely, including those with ginseng mixtures, green tea, etc. The caffinated varieties are ok in this forms and are easier on the system. Though beware not to drink them near bedtime, or even within 4-6 hours or some insomnia may occur.

    Including exercise and a good diet will enhance performance and produce a synergistic effect, as will getting enough sunlight each day and a whole food multivitamin (Not synthetic, it must be "real food.) and it should be combined with a good diet. This provides an additional energy boost. A good choice is ALIVE by Nature's Way. I use two tablets per day, a bottle lasts me two months, and it costs about 20 dollars.

    Sunlight produces vitamin D, which has a major role in multiple functions in the body, and light also plays a role in hormone levels that enhance well being and energy.

    Sleep: Getting to bed around 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and sleeping around 6 hours (average) or whatever specific amount that your particular body needs. The timing of sleep is important and is based on when the sun goes down. About 2-3 hours after dusk is best, and provides optimal melatonin levels.

    There are many other methods, but what works best is a balance of natural methods.
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