SRS post traumatic memory loss/stress

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Stereo lol, Dec 18, 2006.

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    Just need to write down details of an incident to try and get my head together and maybe get some advice.

    Got jumped the other night near a local bar. Drinking quite heavily and having a good time with a new friend is the last thing I remember before it happened, next thing I remember is looking up to see my friend with blood all over his shirt and realizing that I have a busted lip.

    I can't remember the incident at all, how many people were smashing us or why or how they did it, nothing. I'm assuming I took a few good knocks to the head but I don't know if I hit the ground or passed out or anything like that.

    Memory of what happened after is blurry, I remember walking back to the bar to try and get our selves together, they let us in and I think we tried to explain what happened to whoever would listen but I can't remember it properly (i assume we would have appeared confused so the story would have been hard to understand whatever it was).

    In a confused show of bravado we decided to go looking for whoever attacked us and missioned off to find them, but we got to the next bar and gave up the chase ( a futile chase when you cant remember what happened) in favor of more drinking, lol.

    So now I'm completely confused as to what happened and I can't stop theorizing scenarios of the incident that will never be proven because I've obviously permanently lost some memory. I'm embarrassed to return to the bar because of my poor recollection of my behavior in the bar afterwood (and beforehand in my various theories) and I'm generally just stressing about the whole thing.
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    Well its been a few days now, have you remembered anything? , bars are often the scenario of fights, sometimes people start hitting out of nowhere and for no other reason then being drunk, or maby hand over the stress that they experienced during their lives up onto others. If possible walk/run away from your agressors as it never is worth losing a few teeth over. :hsd:

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