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    So, I think the fights went pretty well. Herring/Kongo was decent, and it sounds like Herring is starting to get his shit together. I like seeing him with Rob Kaman, and he could really improve if he gets a good ground coach (as stated in interview). Kongo needs BJJ, but he is improving for sure.

    Silva is amazing. I'd really like to see Henderson/Franklin. That'd be a nice brawl, probably with Rich KO'd unfortunately. Okami/Silva will be a better fight than most think. Okami is savvy enough in the standup to not go brawling in. I think if anything Silva would be forced to bang, and it would give Okami a chance to play counterstriker. I'm stoked to see it, but there is literally no one after him. I did find it interesting how Silva stated that he thought Rich was the only true champ he's faced, probably because they were both so respectful before the match.

    Leben is getting better. I really can't hate him anymore. He comes to bang, and does what he says.

    Fitch didn't look so hot. I think he will be a good match for GSP, but Georges will beat him at his own game. Fitch is strong, but GSP is too explosive. I don't see Serra winning BTW.

    What does everyone else think?

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