power outage fubared my computer

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  1. Tonight in seattlewe had a power outage.... I have a surge protector, well heres whats wrong.

    I turn on my comp, and I it boots up, says press f4 to go into raid something or other, it sits on that for a while, then goes to static, like youd see on your TV, the white fuzzy nothingness kind. Anyways, i try restarting a few times, same thing, so I turn off the computer and monitor, I restart it, it works. It goes to the same press f4 for raid screen, then it says MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP, and displays the start up animation (the progress bar cyling real fast) and then it restarts and heads to boot up promt, I have the option of safe mode/with networking/with command prompt, use last confirmination, boot up normally.

    It says if you have a power outage, use boot up normally.

    It didnt work, neither did any of the options, could it be my video card, or my HD maybe, its acting real gay, ever since I bought it the seek times have been horrible, but it is new.

    What do you think it could be, do you need more information, anything.

    Thanks a bunch :hs:
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    reinstall windows :dunno:
  3. Okay did that, where can i find drivers.
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