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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by lightsareout, May 27, 2007.

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    Working on building a system for my brothers car. And i have a question about powering it. He is going to be running 2 12 inch type Rs and running them in parallel like this...


    yes, its an audiobahn link but its the same deal.

    Now when running them in parallel say we use a 2000watt at 1 ohm mono amp, does each sub get the full 2000 watts or does each get half?
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    You need to calcualte the total resistance on the entire system, if each sub wired in parallel has a resistance of 1ohm then the entire load will be 2 ohms, therefore if your amp is pushing 2000w at 1 ohm then it will be somewhere north of 1000w at 2ohms. Each sub will get the same amount of power but make sure to not go below the rated resisance of the amp. Your going to need a hefty amp to run at 1ohm. Your best bet is to run two amps at a higher resistance (say 2,3,4,5 ohms depending on the sub) so the amp will not have a melt down and it will be a much more reliable system.

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