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    i need help doing a "fill in the blank" In powerpoint
    for example, i will have a line like this

    i have a ____ computer

    and then i want to be able to click and have it be

    i have a fast computer... like fill in the blank for me, i can add an animation where the whole line appears after it was left blank, but i cant figure out how to do the fill in the blank thing.
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    Well one way would be to simply have one slide with the blank, and another with the word filled in. Quick and dirty but it does exactly what you want.

    The other is to separate the sentence into three:

    I have a

    Then simply right click fast and change the animation from No Effect to Appear (or whatever you want). You could change the text box so it has a border as well and NOT animate the text box, just the text (far right of the animation dialog there is an option to animate the object or just the text). If you are really stuck on having a blank line, then just type in the whole sentence with the blanks. Add the word Fast somewhere, change the animation settings as above and drag to the blank line

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