Price Guesstimation for a good security system installed? (car)

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Ronin, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Ronin

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    I was thinking of a Viper 7900 remote start with their GPS tracking system ontop of it.

    is there any security system that will beat this and at what price?

    1966 mustang

    and how hard is it to install these systems? what skill level would I need to DIY it?
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    on your car, should be a cinch. no factory secutiry ftw. but do you have EFI or carb? most of the time, the carb installs i've seen don't start everytime. I have no idea on prices anymore, sorry. the most difficult thing for you may be actually just concealing all the wiring, as you don't have a lot of "guts" under your dash.
  3. Ronin

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    its carb

    when im done with college im going to put a 347 supercharged crate in with FAST efi, but thats a ways down the road though, lolz
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