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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Pringles, Jan 25, 2006.

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    Oct 29, 2005
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    We'll I'm new to the scene so I'm learning. I'm a runner for my school so I tend to not do legs at home. Plus I'm also scared of harming my back. I realize this isnt going to make you professional lifters happy, but deal with it. Maybe one day Ill switch and learn.

    I weigh ~154lbs with training clothes and am 6'4".

    My main goals are to have soreness which in turn helps me sleep. I'm also doing it for a "bigger" me as I'm rather on the slim side.

    My diet is rather weak as it isnt a main focus which probably hurts my muscle growth, but I'm paitent and dont like protient drinks or steroids.

    My first entry with weights will be:

    3 sets of

    Dont know name (6) with 15lbs (I rest with arms at sides and pull the weights up along my sides till my arms make a triangle and I feel my shoulder/tricep tighten and hold for 1 second.
    Dumbell Curl (12) with 15lbs
    Dumbell Lying Tricep Extensions (12) with 30lbs uped from 25 today
    Benchpress (12) with 70lbs
    Dumbell Lateral Rise (6) with 15lbs
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